Our menus have been brought together from both professionals and real Mum’s & Dad’s who really know food and children from their own experiences in their own unique settings. From a kitchen in Café Rouge to the common home, our collective has a wealth of information to make you want us as your number 1 choice all year round.

Yum Yum Me

yumyumme-slider1 Supplying Nurseries In The Plymouth Area yum yum me Using fresh local ingredients to make tasty meals. Yum Yum Me are professional chefs and also Mum's and Dad's CONTACT US NOW Yum Yum Me A FAMILY TRADITION Our menu has been designed as one product ordering solution system so if you wish to change or swap an accompaniment from mash to rustic chips or peas to carrots then it is very easy to do so. CONTACT US NOW Yum Yum Me Devotion & Care We select the best quality ingredients and listen to our clients to what they want. CONTACT US NOW Yum Yum Me Finest Produce We can cater for hot options delivered within a 15 mile radius only, please call for a bespoke package for this service. CONTACT US NOW


YumYumMe is a natural first choice for Nursery owners and Schools alike who are looking for an efficient , easy, safe and cost-effective solution to their food needs and requirements. We are aware of the staff costs in sourcing raw materials, employing staff to cook meals to a high standard, along with all the costs of covering sickness unexpectedly, pensions etc. Having been at the sharp end of these problems we know how Yum Yum can take away all these possible issues and mean that Childcare Providers can get on with their core aims and provide excellent childcare.



The meals and puddings we supply nurseries are all cooked to order and blast frozen to retain the goodness and capture the “just been made” smell, look & feel.</p> <p>Through YumYumMe we currently cater for 4 Nursery sites across Plymouth and Tavistock and are broadening options to allow for more to come onboard with us.


We have been cooking and supplying nurseries and schools in the Plymouth area with healthy, tasty, nutritious food since 1996. Drop us a message to see how we can help you.