Our menus have been brought together from both professionals and real Mum’s & Dad’s who really know food and children from their own experiences in their own unique settings. From a kitchen in Café Rouge to the common home, our collective has a wealth of information to make you want us as your number 1 choice all year round.

Yum Yum Me

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James Lane

James Lane

With delivery and online sales becoming more in demand it’s clear that now is a great time to use this upturn in the market to start broadening and expanding by updating our online services. James will be launching completions and various deals as time goes on to so please do like the social media pages and watch out for upcoming fun & games.


In Brief……

James’s background has mostly been in the catering trade since age 13 getting his first taste of working and helping to run his late grandmothers’ restaurant on the barbican many years ago called “The Creperie “there he got his initial education of the do’s & don’ts of the industry. He wasn’t all that great at school but excelled in music and food tech and found his way into a number of hotel kitchens which led to him working for Café Rouge accruing new skills eventually becoming bar manager there. Progressing on James met his wife Laura and they both bought a pub in the Plymouth city centre called the “The Newmarket” which proved changeling but furthered his experience and knowledge. After this he worked within another family business called “Alpha `logic Waste Solutions” which gave him a new perspective on customer service and knowledge of another industry linked to the food trade industry. James then proceeded to join what is now his current role at YumYumMe which has itself progressed over the years and adapt to the challenging demands of the ever-changing food industry. Raising brand awareness and driving sales of the YumYumMe products whilst providing and maintaining a high very level of customer service remains James’s focus.